Crystal Cascades Tika & Earrings (TE-05)


Colour: Crystal With Gold

Crystal With Gold
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Colour: Crystal With Gold
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Description: A stunning jewelry set inspired by the natural beauty of cascading crystals. The Crystal Cascades Tika & Earrings combine elegance with a touch of whimsy, perfect for adding sparkle to any occasion.


Intricately crafted centerpiece adorned with shimmering crystals.

Adjustable chain for a comfortable and secure fit.

Versatile design suitable for various hairstyles, from updos to flowing locks.

Lightweight construction ensures all-day wearability.

Adds a regal touch to bridal ensembles or formal attire.


Dazzling crystal drops suspended from hypoallergenic hooks.

Reflective surfaces catch and play with light, creating mesmerizing sparkle.

Medium length for a balance of sophistication and statement.

Ideal for complementing the Tika or wearing alone for a touch of glamour.

Secure closure ensures earrings stay in place throughout the day or evening.

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Crystal With Gold