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Electric chopper

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1. Overheating protection system, 30 seconds overheating protection, the safety factor is greatly increased

2. S type progressive blade, four-layer progressive cutting, stainless steel blade

3. Ultra-high thickness PP plastic, ultra-high thickness 6mm PP plastic material, no sanitary corners, easy to clean

4. The plastic glass body of the lid part, the ground meat lid part is made of ultra-thick plastic glass, which is thick and anti-falling, reaching the standard edible level


Product name: Multi-function cooking machine

Suitable number: 4-5 people

Grinding method: original grinding without net

Main material: stainless steel body + APP plastic

Product function: ground meat, cut vegetables, stir and mix

Product color: green/red

Plug specification: European standard

Time speed: 18000 22000 rpm

Rated power: 200W

Rated voltage: 220-50HZ

Product weight: 1.14kg

Packing: boxed

Packing list: host + cutter head + cup body + manual