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Folding Computer Desk


1. A small folding computer desk, which can be used on the bed and on the ground, so that you can use the computer and read and study on the bed. Very suitable for use in student dormitories, homes and outdoors


2. There is a card slot on the front of the table for placing and fixing iPad, mobile phone and pen; there is a water cup tray on the side for fixing the water cup, which is convenient for you to take the water cup; the table legs are equipped with non-slip pads to increase friction and make The table won't move and fall


3. The table material is made of selected wood, integrated with injection molding. After national testing and certification, the formaldehyde emission is 7 times smaller than the national standard, far reaching the national standard. Your physical health is our goal


4. The table fabric is selected from high-quality materials, with realistic texture, natural and real color, high wear resistance, not easy to scratch, and will not change or fade under normal use, and the use time can be as long as 20 years


5. Thicker and thicker stainless steel table legs, stronger load-bearing capacity, can withstand items up to 40kg, and will never be deformed


6. The table does not need to be installed, it can be used when opened, and the operation is very simple. When not in use, fold it up and place it in a narrow slot to save more space


7. The large-capacity enlarged table top can be placed on computers, books, canvases and other items. The patterns are available in cartoon and solid colors, which are deeply loved by children and adults

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Black, Brown, Pink, Blue