Manual Herbs Grinder


Size: Small (Plastic Cap)

Small (Plastic Cap)
Big (Steel Cap)
Big (Plastic Cap)
Small (Steel Cap)
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Size: Small (Plastic Cap), Big (Steel Cap), Big (Plastic Cap), Small (Steel Cap)
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1. Wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, no pollution, can keep the natural aroma of seasoning.

2. Easy to use and lightweight.

3. It can be used to grind pepper, salt, cumin and other seasonings.

4. It is not easy to block when grinding, which can effectively improve the service life of the grinding machine.

5.Instant grinding, instant enjoyment, great taste with fresh flavour accessed to you no matter when

6.Made of high-grade stainless steel and acrylic. Healthy, sanitary, can be washed, easy to clean

7.The grinder can grind about 120g pepper at once . high efficiency, time-saving, once grinding, enough for use

8.Sleek and sophisticated design, a must-have for your modern kitchen .Visible Window for easy check. Wiredrawing polishing craftmaship,

9.non-slip, smooth fine tactility Hand grinding, not by electricity, eco-friendly and healthy,Enjoy manual grinding time.

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Small (Plastic Cap), Big (Steel Cap), Big (Plastic Cap), Small (Steel Cap)