Multifunctional acrylic storage basket - Set of 3

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  • Set of 3: This package includes three versatile acrylic storage baskets designed to meet various organizing needs.
  • Durable Acrylic: Constructed from high-quality acrylic material, these baskets are sturdy and built to last.
  • Transparent Design: The clear acrylic allows easy visibility of contents, making it simple to locate items without the need to open each basket.
  • Multi-Purpose: Ideal for organizing a wide range of items including cosmetics, office supplies, kitchen essentials, toiletries, and more.
  • Stackable: The baskets feature a stackable design, maximizing vertical storage space while maintaining accessibility.
  • Space-Saving: These compact baskets are designed to fit on shelves, countertops, or inside cabinets, helping you optimize your storage space.
  • Easy-to-Clean: Acrylic material is easy to clean with a damp cloth, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine.
  • Portable Handles: Each basket is equipped with sturdy integrated handles, allowing for convenient transport and mobility.
  • Modern Aesthetic: The sleek and modern design of these storage baskets adds a touch of elegance to any room or space.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for use in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office, or any area that requires efficient organization.
  • Dimensions: The set includes three different sizes - small, medium, and large - providing options for various storage needs.
  • Declutter with Style: Keep your space tidy and organized while enhancing its aesthetic with these multifunctional acrylic storage baskets.