Sink Storage Rack

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Product appearance:

✷ Increase 2m space, double layer large capacity, and make reasonable use of idle space on the countertop

✷ Drainage+storage, one dual-purpose non wet countertop cleverly uses space

  Product Material:

✷Epoxy resin anti fouling layer

✷Polished nano hardened layer

✷High temperature baking paint wear-resistant layer

✷Acid pickling phosphating steel base

  Product features:

✷Stable enough, daily dining utensils can be safely stored

✷Strong load-bearing, thickened support for the main pole, stable and not swaying

✷Anti scratch and rust prevention, exquisite paint baking process, and reliable quality

✷Easy to use, unobstructed from view, does not affect normal cleaning, and skillfully uses the table space