Smart Cosmetic And Lipstick Organizer


Variant: White

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Variant: White, Pink, Brown
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Features: Perfect for use at home- or when traveling, compact and lightweight.

Ideal- for makeup lovers- who want to keep their lipsticks in one place and avoid the hassle of searching through a messy pile of tubes.

Keep your lipsticks organized and easy to find with our lipstick storage box in deep brown color, featuring 9 slots- for your favorite shades-.

With its elegant and practical design, our lipstick storage box not only keeps your lipsticks organized but also adds a touch- of sophistication to your vanity- or dressing table.

Made of durable PS material, this clear and water-resistant lipstick holder is designed to provide an enlarged capacity and prevent dust from settling on your cosmetics.

Specifications: Material: PS

Size: Approx. 17.5x10x10cm/6.88x3.93x3.93in

Color: Transparent Brown/Transparent White/Transparent Pink

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White, Pink, Brown