Wall Hanging Toilet Brush With Drainer Holder


Color: Grey

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Color: Grey, White
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The Wall Hanging Toilet Brush with Drainer Holder is a stylish and practical addition to your bathroom. Designed for space efficiency, this modern accessory can be easily mounted on the wall, keeping your bathroom floor clutter-free. Crafted from durable and hygienic materials such as plastic or stainless steel, the set includes a wall-mounting system for hassle-free installation.

  • Space-Saving Design:
  • Wall-mounted for floor space optimization.

  • Hygienic Drainer Holder:
  • Promotes drying, reducing bacteria and odors.

  • Easy to Clean:
  • Facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Using
  • Some models offer additional features like replaceable brush heads.


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    Grey, White