AR animated cards - Animal theme (68 cards)

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Ignite your child's sense of wonder and imagination with our mesmerizing 4D Fancy Zoo Animal Cards. Designed to captivate young explorers, these cards offer an extraordinary blend of interactive technology and the enchantment of zoo animals.

With user-friendly mobile app, a thrilling adventure awaits! As your child points their device's camera at a card, they'll be transported to a virtual safari, where lifelike 3D animals come to life right in their own hands. Watch as their faces light up with sheer amazement and delight!

Not only will your child witness these incredible creatures in motion, but they'll also have the chance to learn and engage. App provides fascinating facts about each animal, letting your little one become a wildlife expert in no time. They can listen to the captivating sounds these animals make and even snap pictures to create cherished memories.

With a stunning collection of 68 cards featuring a wide range of zoo animals, our 4D Fancy Zoo Animal Cards offer endless excitement and educational value. Give your child the gift of discovery, entertainment, and immersive play that will fuel their curiosity and love for the animal kingdom.

Unlock the doors to imagination and adventure today. Embrace the magic of our 4D Fancy Zoo Animal Cards and let your child embark on an awe-inspiring journey that combines the real and virtual worlds in a way that will leave them spellbound.


Augmented Reality (AR) Experience: Watch illustrated zoo animals come to life in 3D with interactive animations, creating an immersive and magical AR experience.


Educational Exploration: Discover fascinating facts about diverse zoo animals, expanding knowledge and curiosity while engaging in interactive play.

Realistic Animations: Witness lifelike movements and behaviors of animals, adding a sense of authenticity and wonder to the interactive experience.

Interactive Soundscapes: Hear distinct animal sounds, creating a multisensory adventure and enhancing the realism of the AR encounters.

Snap and Share: Capture memorable moments with virtual animals through snapshots, allowing for sharing and cherishing magical memories.

Extensive Collection: Enjoy a diverse set of 68 unique zoo animal cards, offering a wide range of species to explore and interact with.

User-Friendly: The app provides an intuitive interface, ensuring easy navigation and independent exploration for children and users of all ages.

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Any type of Mobile or Tablet not included with package, you have to install app in your mobile to experience these animal cards.