Food Storage Sealing Clips with Pour Spouts

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Bag Clips for Food Food Storage Sealing Clips with Pour Spouts, Kitchen Chip Bag Clips, Plastic Cap Sealer Clips, Great for Kitchen Food Storage and Organization




Item type: Bag Clip

Material: PP

Color: Gray/White/Blue/Green

Size(Approx): 12.5*5.5*4.5cm




Seal clips are made of safe plastic, which are perfect for different kinds of plastic bags, for example, chips, bread, frozen food or other foods bags, and keeping foods airtight and watertight from being stale.

Bag Clips are a handiest kitchen gadgets for you to keeps different foods fresher longer and contained in the pantry, fridge, or freezer.

It is easy to open and close, and easy to store. Brightly color feature makes it easy to find in a drawer.

Bags sealing clips can be used safely in refrigerators and dishwashers,sturdy and reusable.


Package Included


1* Bag Clip