Golden Tape (50 Meter)

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Size 50 meters 

Ceramic Tile Mildewproof Gap Tape is made from a purely natural material, each tape is crafted by our artist.

Self-adhesive stick well on any smooth clean surface over old tile, ceramic, glass, metal, smooth painted wall, or varnished wood; waterproof stickers are used for a gap of any tiles.

Decorate the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, dining room, party, wedding, Halloween, Christmas; perfect party supplies and decor

These small tile decals will make your life more colorful. It can be used for any flat and smooth surfaces.

Ceramic Tile Mildewproof Gap Tape can be installed on most well-formed substrates, if the walls are clean, smooth, dry, and free of dust, soap, grease, acceptable drywall, clean and smooth tiles.



Color: Gold

Size: One roll 50M

Material: PET


Package Include

1 X Ceramic Tile Mildewproof Gap Tape.