Transparent Waterproof and Traceable Sticky Notes


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Pack of 2
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Size: Pack of 2
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Introducing Crystal Clear Waterproof Sticky Notes, the ultimate productivity companion for any workspace. With Approx 50 sheets of transparent, see-through adhesive notes, you can organize your tasks, jot down important reminders, and stay on top of your game like never before.

Experience the clarity of Crystal Clear Waterproof Sticky Notes. This set includes 50 sheets of premium, transparent stickies designed to keep you organized and inspired. With their waterproof construction, these notes are perfect for any environment, ensuring your important reminders and tasks stay intact no matter what. The see-through design allows for easy layering and indexing, making it a breeze to prioritize and locate information. Elevate your productivity with Crystal Clear Waterproof Sticky Notes and conquer your to-do list with style.


Sheets comes in a variety of eye-catching colors

Approximately 50 sheets of vibrant and crystal clear waterproof sticky notes

Waterproof construction ensures durability and resilience

Transparent design allows for easy layering and color-coding

Perfect for organizing tasks, reminders, and notes with a splash of color

Adds a fun and lively touch to your workspace or personal items

Versatile for use in offices, classrooms, kitchens, and more

Ideal for creating tabs or index markers in books and documents

Promotes efficient organization and boosts creativity

Ensures important information stands out in a vivid and memorable way.

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Pack of 2